Polder Achthoven

Polder Achthoven - Leiderdorp

N 52.150132 / E 4.550058

The Ruigekade is an attractive recreation area for walkers and cyclists. Nature-friendly banks have been created along the water and you can enjoy the surroundings in a resting area. Gravenpad is located on the Ruigekade. This is a cycle path of over 2.5 kilometers long. is part of the cycle junction network in the Holland Rijnland region.

Also view the so-called 'knotted willows' along the route. These are works of art that tell something about Castle Ter Does and Polder Achthoven, among others.

Polder Achthoven

Polder Achthoven
2351 SX Leiderdorp

Contact details
T: +31715166000
E: info@vvvleiden.nl

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