Philips van Kleefbolwerck
Philips van Kleefbolwerck

Philips van Kleefbolwerck - Ravenstein

N 51.797630594278 / E 5.649392853847

An extraordinary story. A professor who wanted to build a well in his own garden in 1987 stumbled upon a fortification from 1621. The authorities demand he leave it a soil archive. Reluctantly, he stops digging. Until the professor picks up the shovel again in 2011 and continues digging. Beneath the old fortification, a much older Italian-style stone stronghold is revealed. It turns out to be a casemate from 1509. A gun emplacement for a cannon from the time Philips van Kleef was Lord of Ravenstein.

It turned out to be a historical find. From 2011 to 2016, the stronghold was made recognisable. The artillery cellar can be clearly seen from the road. The casemate is covered with walkable glass.

Philips van Kleefbolwerck

Philips van Kleefbolwerck
van Coothweg 1
5371 AB Ravenstein

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