Park Presikhaaf

Park Presikhaaf - Arnhem

N 51.9836275 / E 5.9448523

Anyone who enjoys Park Presikhaaf today probably does not know that there has always been a beautiful woodland park here in the English landscape style. But in 1950, the excavators and bulldozers came to transform it into a level plain. A log cabin, a children's colony house and a gazebo that stood there disappeared under the demolition hammer. Five farmhouses were replaced by one educational farm, and the white villa that stood there was damaged in a fire to such an extent that it too disappeared. The intimate atmosphere of the English garden is no longer recognisable as such.

Nevertheless, it is an atmospheric park, home to one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the country. Step out of the park to become acquainted with the indigenous plant and animal species that find their home here.

Park Presikhaaf

Park Presikhaaf
Laan van Presikhaaf
6826 CM Arnhem

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T: 0900-1809

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Open 24 hours
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