Langoed Oud Groevenbeek
Oud Groevenbeek country estate

Oud Groevenbeek country estate - Ermelo

N 52.27739 / E 5.613181

On the border of Putten lies the Oud Groevenbeek estate, named after the country house of the same name. It is easy to find because it is situated in the middle of a system of sight lines.

The estate is more than worth a visit. Due to the combination of woods and flowery meadows, squirrels, deer and martens have found a place here. Three species of woodpecker also fly around here. A century ago, the estate was self-sufficient. You can still see this, for example, in the monumental grape greenhouse and the small water tower, now housing bats.

Langoed Oud Groevenbeek

Oud Groevenbeek country estate
Putterweg 230
3851 VG Ermelo

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The manor house can only be visited from the outside.

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