Ophemert Castle

Ophemert Castle - Ophemert

N 51.8483773 / E 5.3901504

Besides Ophemert, there is also talk of the village Nederhemert. Hemert would come from hemer, which means as much as stone or rock. But here, in the river area, not far from the river Waal, this does not make sense. So there is no clear explanation. The presumably originally 13th-century house with a rectangular plan is surrounded by a moat. On the same island there is a forecourt with retaining walls and octagonal corner towers. A coach house stands on a second island. Around 1550, the castle came into the possession of the Van Haeften family, after which it passed to the Mackay family. Lord of Ophemert is now the Scot Aeneas Simon Mackay, 15th Lord of Reay. The castle is on a long lease to Arthur Baron Van Dedem, who with his wife Alexandra has created a hospitable Bed and Breakfast and a house for private parties and meetings.

Stichting Kastelen Buitenplaatsen Landgoederen
Ophemert Castle

Ophemert Castle
Dreef 2
4061 BL Ophemert

Contact details
T: 0344-651924
E: kasteelophemert@gmail.com

The house is only open for private parties and meetings and for the guests of the Bed and Breakfast.

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