Oehoevallei (Eagle Owl Valley)

Oehoevallei (Eagle Owl Valley) - Maastricht

N 50.8371596 / E 5.6847471

The eagle owl is the largest species of owl in Europe. After disappearing from the Netherlands for a while, the owl has been back in our country since 1997, especially in Limburg. The first pair spotted in 1997 settled in the Oehoevallei (Eagle Owl Valley) near Maastricht.

At the bird-watching point in the Eagle Owl Valley, you have a good chance of spotting the owl. Especially if you come about an hour before sunset, when it is most active. Because of its camouflage colour, it quickly fades away against the colours of the marl quarry and you'll have to keep your eyes peeled, but when it flies by, you can't miss it!


Oehoevallei (Eagle Owl Valley)
Luikerweg 80
6212 NH Maastricht

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