Observatorium Robert Morris

Observatorium Robert Morris - Lelystad

N 52.5497220821932 / E 5.566032556

American artist Robert Morris designed the Observatory. It was completed in 1977, making it Flevoland's first piece of landscape art. The circles are a reference to prehistoric places where the sun and the planets were observed, such as Stonehenge in England. At this observatory too, the work of art is constructed in such a way that through the V-shaped recesses you can exactly see the sun rise over the flat polders.

The central steel visor shows the sun at the beginning of spring and autumn, when day and night are of equal length. The stone wedges on either side show the sunrise at the beginning of summer, when the day is longest, and winter, on the shortest day of the year.

Observatorium Robert Morris

Observatorium Robert Morris
8219 PG Lelystad

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