NS-station Arnhem Central Building

NS-station Arnhem Central Building - Arnhem

N 51.9843449 / E 5.9024048

As early as the 1980s, people wanted to replace the station in Arnhem with a new and larger station. Architect Teun Koolhaas made a design in 1992, which was rejected by the Arnhem population because many homes had to disappear. Ben van Berkel became the new architect. After eight years, it turned out that the estimated construction costs of 65 million euros were exceeded by more than 25 million. The design also proved to be very difficult to implement. According to the planning, the building should have been completed in early 2009, and the building was finally opened on November 19, 2015.

NS-station Arnhem Central Building

NS-station Arnhem Central Building
Nieuwe Stationsstraat
6811 KM Arnhem

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