Molen van Nieuwerkerk
Nieuwerkerk mill

Nieuwerkerk mill - Nieuwerkerk

N 51.65153 / E 4.004516

At Schoolstraat 36, 400 m north-east of the village center, a round stone ground sailor built on all sides and dates from 1844 is located on a 1.5 m high mill mountain. The predecessor, a wooden octagon, burnt down as a result of a lightning strike. This mill was located 125 m. Northwest of the current flour mill on the west side of the Molenweg. On the entrance gate of the mill yard of the current flour mill it says: 'I have been put here by Zeeland law'. This refers to the rebuilding that was forbidden on the site of its predecessor because of the danger of the blades rotating over the road. In front of the western door is a millstone and on the facing brick is written: 'The first stone laid by KS Pr Berman Jz op den May 29, 1844 'Five years later G. Berman became the mill owner, who was charged with a 60 guilders tax on behalf of the craftsman of Nieuwerkerk, WJJ van Hemert from The Hague. In 1857 W. Dijkman became a leaseholder, who bought the tax a year later. The mill was sold publicly in 1900 to M. Dijkman and then to J. Dijkman in 1918. The next millers were L.J. Dijkman and A. Geuze from 1948 to 1963. In 1970, the municipality bought the mill. Until 1947, it was ground with three couples of grinding stones. Of this, a couple of 17er blue and a 16er couple of artificial stones and a bump remain. In the adjoining warehouse, a hammer mill with 25 HP electric motor, a grain cleaner and elevator, each with 1 HP electric motor, was used. The three-attic mill has never been inhabited. In the early seventies, the mill underwent a major restoration, which also made the interior grindable again.

Molen van Nieuwerkerk

Nieuwerkerk mill
Schoolstraat 36
4306 CH Nieuwerkerk

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T: +31111641767

Open for visits when the mill is running and by appointment.

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