Buitenplaats Nieuwerhoek
Nieuwerhoek country estate

Nieuwerhoek country estate - Loenen aan de Vecht

N 52.202929 / E 5.0198144

Along the river Vecht, near Loenen aan de Vecht, is the beautiful country estate of Nieuwerhoek. In the 17th century, the Amsterdam merchant family Van Hoek bought land along the Vecht to build a number of summer residences. However, Nieuwerhoek was sold in 1710 to whaling ship owner Jan van Tarelinck. Of note about this country estate is that what is now the front facade used to be the rear facade, and vice versa. Nieuwerhoek is a national monument and is made up of the main building, the garden and park landscape, two houses dating from around 1800 and two bridges with fencing. The country estate remains privately inhabited to this day and is not open to tourists.

Source images: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency), Amersfoort

Buitenplaats Nieuwerhoek

Nieuwerhoek country estate
Rijksstraatweg 78
3632 AD Loenen aan de Vecht

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T: +31302205534
E: info@utrechtsebuitenplaatsen.nl

Not open to visitors.

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