Nicolaas church

Nicolaas church - Kortgene

N 51.5554962 / E 3.8023124

The Nicolaas church in Kortgene is the oldest national monument of North-Beveland and dates from 1247. In 1413 the church was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt again. Kortgene was submerged for over 100 years after the floods of 1530 (Sint-Felixvloed) and 1532 (Allerheiligenvloed) after which only the bell tower remained. Eventually, Willem Adriaan van Nassau had the area drained in 1670 and the church rebuilt in 1686. After the flood disaster of 1953 the building was submerged in the salty water again.

Did you know the church bell dates from 1661 and is called by the name of 'Suzanne'? Suzanne was taken away by the German invaders in 1942 to be melted down? The German ship was sank in the IJsselmeer. After the war the French Suzanne was retrieved from the waters and was placed back in the bell tower.

Image source: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed


Nicolaas church
Kerkgang 2
4484 CT Kortgene

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T: +31113330455

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Sunday 10:00 - 12:00
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