Natuurpoort De Reuselhoeve

Natuurpoort De Reuselhoeve - Moergestel

N 51.5195011 / E 5.182711

Natuurpoort De Reuselhoeve is part of the network of Brabant Nature Gateways. The 31 locations of this network can be recognised by a large 4-metre-high steel key. At De Reuselhoeve, you can climb the watchtower with stunning views over Het Moergestels Broek. This former flood plain was reclaimed and drained to make agriculture possible. Today it is a nature reserve again and managed by Natuurmonumenten.

You can also canoe down the Reusel here or do a climbing course among the trees. But of course you can also just take a little break from your bike ride on the terrace or in the cosy farmhouse.

Natuurpoort De Reuselhoeve

Natuurpoort De Reuselhoeve
Heizenschedijk 1
5066 PL Moergestel

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T: 0800-4050050

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