Nature reserve Zwaakse Weel

Nature reserve Zwaakse Weel - Kwadendamme

N 51.440655 / E 3.876523

The area around the creek de Zwaakse Weel is beautiful. Because Natuurmonumenten dug the water and raised the water level, a varied landscape has arisen of wet grasslands, flowered hay meadows and reed beds. In the spring it is beautiful blossomed with the flowering hawthorns, fruit trees and the Gelderland rose. Unwind when you see herds grazing or enjoy bollard, poppy and naked latyrus rushing among the corn in an old field. In the old orchard you are allowed to eat apples, pears, nuts and cherries. The reed warbler lives in the reeds and at the creek you can occasionally see the marsh harrier flying over. And do you see a little owl in that tree there?

Nature reserve Zwaakse Weel

Nature reserve Zwaakse Weel
Zwaaksedijk 5
4434 RD Kwadendamme

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T: +31356559911

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Open 24 hours
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