Velhorst Lochem
Nature reserve Velhorst

Nature reserve Velhorst - Lochem

N 52.1566264 / E 6.3339268

Velhorst country estate is an oasis of peace and space. Cultural history, nature and agriculture complement each other in this nature reserve. A hedge of rhododendrons welcomes you. You walk along stately lanes, a park garden, pond, historic vegetable garden and a country house. On Thursdays, the garden and orchard are tended by the vegetable garden volunteers, who are happy to answer all your questions.

On the estate, you will also come across a smaller, damp area: the Kienveen. This fragile piece of nature is like a miniature swamp where special plants grow, such as the milk violet, marsh deer hay, thread gentian, butterwort, marsh helleborine and gale. Many frogs also live in this section.

Velhorst Lochem

Nature reserve Velhorst
Velhorst 5
7241 TB Lochem

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T: 0575-555560

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Open 24 hours
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