Nature reserve Kardinge

Nature reserve Kardinge - Groningen

N 53.2382085 / E 6.5967621

Nature belongs to everyone, even if you are less able to walk or sit in a wheelchair. That is why Natuurmonumenten has created a short route, the Beleefpad, in the Beijumerbos. Thanks to paved paths, larger parking spaces and benches, everyone can now enter the forest. The Beijumerbos is part of the Kardinge nature reserve, where you can enjoy cycling, running, picnicking, rollerblading, kite flying, walking or swimming. In the picking forest, you can look for blackberries, walnuts and chestnuts. And of course, there is plenty of room for nature: come and spot roe deer around sunrise or sunset, enjoy songbirds and the special flowery verges and grasslands.

Nature reserve Kardinge

Nature reserve Kardinge
Kardingerplein 1
9735 AE Groningen

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T: 035-6559911

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Open 24 hours
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