Natuurgebied Hekenbroek
Nature reserve Hekenbroek

Nature reserve Hekenbroek - Drempt

N 52.0152255 / E 6.205035

Hekenbroek is teeming with butterflies! The Hekenbroek forest is quite damp ('broek' is an old word for 'brook' or 'damp place'), making it an ideal nature reserve for plants that like to grow in damp places. Thus, you can see spotted arum, yellow deadnettle and wood anemone here. In turn, the various flowers and plants make it an attractive area for nearly 40 species of butterflies, including the endangered lesser kingfisher butterfly.

Thanks to the humid climate, numerous mushrooms also grow and many salamanders and toads live in Hekenbroek.

Natuurgebied Hekenbroek

Nature reserve Hekenbroek
6996 DZ Drempt

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