Natuurpoort de Biesbosch-Vissershang

Nature Gate the Biesbosch-Vissershang - Hank

N 51.729180 / E 4.860612

You can start your day in De Biesbosch National Park at Nature Gate de Biesbosch-Vissershang. Cycle past open meadows and willow forests. Search the water for beavers or spot the many birds with binoculars. No day is the same in the Biesbosch!

At Nature Gate Biesbosch-Vissershang you will find a restaurant and toilets. At the restaurant, you can also rent canoes, sloops or book a round trip.

Natuurpoort de Biesbosch-Vissershang

Nature Gate the Biesbosch-Vissershang
Vissershang 2
4273 PE Hank

Contact details
T: +31 162-402450

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

Opening hours are of the Café-Restaurant. De Biesbosch can be visited daily.

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