Nature gate De Malpie
Nature gate De Malpie

Nature gate De Malpie - Valkenswaard

N 51.3367275 / E 5.4456487

Nature gate De Malpie is the perfect location to discover nature area De Malpie from here. This large nature reserve is located in the municipality of Valkenswaard and includes heathland, fens, the Dommel river and woodland. It is a beautiful area for cycling or walking.

Previously it was a production forest that was used for mining. Nowadays this slowly changes into a natural deciduous forest where you can spot all kinds of birds. For example, if you listen carefully you can hear different woodpecker species.

Nature gate De Malpie
Nature gate De Malpie

Nature gate De Malpie
Molenstraat 211
5556 TA Valkenswaard

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T: +318004050050

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