Nature Gate De Brandtoren

Nature Gate De Brandtoren - Reusel

N 51.3402414 / E 5.1787628

Nature Gateway De Brandtoren is a wonderful location to start a cycling tour through the Peelse Heide. Climb the 25 metre high Nieuwe Brandtoren for a phenomenal view over the heath and fens of this area.

There is a restaurant at the nature gate for a delicious snack and drink. There is also an outdoor park with a climbing wall and zip wire, a fitness trail, the adventurous 'Keimennekespad' and the Escaperoom. Nature is given a helping hand here in the bee garden with insect wall.

Nature Gate De Brandtoren

Nature Gate De Brandtoren
Burgemeester Willekenslaan 4
5541 NA Reusel

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T: +318004050050

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