Nature farm Villa Bakhuis
Nature farm Villa Bakhuis

Nature farm Villa Bakhuis - Veessen

N 52.3654832 / E 6.0717039

Villa Bakhuis is a historic farm with a coach house and farm buildings. The original villa has been replaced by a beautiful folly made of corten steel and the coach house has been restored as a wedding and meeting venue. The estate now has a nature farm where Fleckvieh bulls and young cattle are raised. These animals can be viewed in the barn and are a dual-purpose breed, suitable for both milk production and meat consumption.

Around Villa Bakhuis, the garland and park garden has been restored to the original design of the famous garden architect Compeijnen from around 1900. An ancient oak root found during earthworks now adorns the garland garden in front of the folly. The root has been thoroughly cleaned and treated with special epoxy resin so that it can stand for years to come.

Nature farm Villa Bakhuis

Nature farm Villa Bakhuis
IJsseldijk 3
8194LA Veessen

Contact details
T: 06 2624 0068

The Skybox from which you can watch the animals is accessible daily between sunrise and sunset

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