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Music school Zeist

Music school Zeist - Zeist

N 52.0834143 / E 5.2356333

Gerrit Rietveld designed the former music school in Zeist in 1932. It currently houses two residences. The steel spiral staircase in the middle of the building was originally a stone staircase, which you can use to reach the upper flat. The window frames are now brown aluminium, but were made of grey steel in Rietveld's first design.

The music school lacks the spaciousness that Rietveld often brought to his architecture, but is nevertheless a good example of the functionalism he pursued in the 1930s.

As there are copyrights on Rietveld buildings, we show an architectural photograph for illustration purposes.

Foto ter illustratie

Music school Zeist
Henriëtte van Lijndenlaan 6-8
3703 AS Zeist

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The houses can only be viewed from the outside.

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