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In 2009, the then 11-year-old Wils from Vlierden set up a war museum. In the barn in the yard of De Schooteindhoeve farm, he stored all kinds of objects from World War II. Since then, the collection has expanded further and here you can see war stories in words and pictures.

One of the most special objects in the museum, is a suitcase that once belonged to Jewish Erwin Michael Joseph, a boy who was murdered by human traffickers in the woods close to the museum. A display case is dedicated to him and his family, and a special model hangs in a nice place in the museum.

The mini-exhibition on the Black Slab resistance group is also worth admiring.

The museum can only be visited by appointment and on 4 and 5 May.

Museum Oorlog & Co

Museum War & Co
Schooteindseweg 24
5756 PG Vlierden

Contact details
T: 0493-312922

Open on 4 and 5 May. Outside these days, open by appointment only.

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