Museum Tukar Menukar
Museum Tukar Menukar

Museum Tukar Menukar - Doetinchem

N 51.9849953 / E 6.2901816

In Tukar Menukar you will learn all about the special and primitive means of exchange and payment of the Dutch East Indies. Other native means of payment are also on display which were used for the so-called 'ADAT-payments': as dowry, mourning and grave gifts, fines and war booty. There is also money from plantations, from the Japanese occupiers and from prisoner-of-war camps, and the first money from the Republic of Indonesia.

Museum Tukar Menukar

Museum Tukar Menukar
Klootsemastraat 6
7009 CG Doetinchem

Contact details
T: +31314653853

The museum can be visited by appointment only: 0314-653853.

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