Museum 't Brabants Leven

Museum 't Brabants Leven - Den Dungen

N 51.661385 / E 5.391480

The museum of the Van der Heijden family houses a large collection of tools and supplies for professions of yesteryear. In total, there are about 35 professions on display, including a clog maker, blacksmith, carpenter, cigar maker, baker and basket maker. There is a shop from the past and a school. There is also a religious room where you can find everything from the rich Roman life. Furthermore, there is the almost authentic farm where the Van der Heijden family lives.

Guided tours are given by appointment. During the tour, one is led with humour past all the things the museum has to offer. If you can speak Brabants, it is great, but even without knowledge of the language, you can enjoy all the stuff. Of course, there is also place to have a drink. Groups of about five persons or more can be guided. If you are alone or in pairs, you will be added to another group. The atmosphere is one of hospitality and old times. You can also enjoy the greenery and the birds. In short, a world that evokes nostalgia for peace and quiet and the good things of old.

Museum 't Brabants Leven

Museum 't Brabants Leven
Spurkstraat 70
5275 JD Den Dungen

Contact details
T: 073-5941101 of 0623215983

Open by appointment from April to October, Monday to Saturday.

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