Museum Lopikerkapel - ©UtrechtRegio
Museum Lopikerkapel

Museum Lopikerkapel - Lopikerkapel

N 51.99250526554 / E 5.0468791868223

The Lopikerkapel is part of the noble Huis te Vliet. This centuries-old house (from 1314) is the origin of today's Lopikerkapel.

Between 1983 and 1985, trial excavations were carried out by an archaeological working group. Numerous historical vases, bowls and other utensils were found then.

The collection found has been restored and is on display at Museum Lopikerkapel, located in the community centre on Lopikerweg Oost 181.

Photo: ©UtrechtRegio

Museum Lopikerkapel - ©UtrechtRegio

Museum Lopikerkapel
Lopikerweg Oost 181
3412 KE Lopikerkapel

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Opening hours
Monday Closed
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Saturday 16:00 - 20:00
Sunday Closed

Also on display when the community centre is open.

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