Museum Jan Boon
Museum Jan Boon

Museum Jan Boon - De Rijp

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The Walhuis (1725) houses an exhibition on the fascinating life and work of Jan Boon junior.

De Rijp used to be a real whaling village. The Boon family was a fishing family, involved in both whaling and herring fishing. They became one of the most important and wealthy shipowner and merchant families in De Rijp. Many of the ships sailed under their management, and the family operated a rope-maker's shop, tannery and sail-making shop.

They traded in numerous products. From barrels, tubs, soda and coffee to cheese, cowhair, cowswax and rope. Not only in the Netherlands: they shipped the goods to France, Spain and South America. In addition, by marrying into other prominent merchant families, the family capital kept growing.

Many family members died childless, so the capital ended up with Jan Boon jr. (1758-1847), as the last descendant.

Jan Boon jr. also contributed a lot to the fishing and manufacturing industry in De Rijp, even after his death. Indeed, even today, the inhabitants of De Rijp still feel the influence of this remarkable man.

Jan Boon junior himself died childless in 1847. In his will, he had stipulated that his enormous fortune should be spent for the benefit of the community of De Rijp.

He wanted his money to be used to set up a fund to combat unemployment and poverty in De Rijp. The 'Maatschappij tot bevordering van Nijverheid in De Rijp' was founded. This company was there to practise salt herring fishing, manufacture ropes and maintain sailmaking. All activities Jan Boon was already involved in during his life.

In 1969, the Jan Boon Foundation was also established, which still supports social and cultural projects today.

Visit the museum to discover the whole story of Jan Boon, his family and the founded society.

Museum Jan Boon

Museum Jan Boon
Rechtestraat 146
1483 BC De Rijp

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Opening hours are from May to December. Free admission.

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