Slikken van Flakkee
Mudflats of Flakkee

Mudflats of Flakkee - Dirksland

N 51.748472 / E 4.1010125

On the southern shores of the South Holland island of Goeree-Overflakkee lies a special nature reserve: the mud flats of Flakkee. Mudflats are sandbanks that fall dry at low tide and flood again at high tide. It forms the natural transition between the salt water of Lake Grevelingen and the land.

The area sometimes feels like a rugged savannah landscape, where Fjord horses, Heck cattle and Scottish Highlanders graze peacefully. From the wildlife arena, you can watch these animals and dozens of waterbirds that dot the area. You may even come across a bald eagle!

Due to the transition from salt water to earth, unusual plant species grow in the mudflats. In the autumn months, samphire creates deep red clusters in the water and in spring you can see colourful orchids and parnassia (wildflowers) in the landscape.

Slikken van Flakkee

Mudflats of Flakkee

3247 Dirksland

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