Monumentale stolpboerderij 'Mijn Genoegen'
Monumental farmhouse 'Mijn genoegen'

Monumental farmhouse 'Mijn genoegen' - Avenhorn

N 52.6185445 / E 4.9827202

The ribbon village between Avenhorn and Scharwoude, called Grosthuizen, consists of 400 inhabitants spread over 133 houses. The 17th-century West Frisian farmhouse at Grosthuizen number 52 is called 'Mijn Geneasure' is the most special farm in the village. In 1820 a radical renovation, after which nothing has changed. "Mijn Genoegen" is exactly the same inside and out as 200 years ago and has rightly been designated as a national monument. On the one side the chickens walk and on the other side the sheep. There is also a workers house on their own yard.

Photo: M. Groentjes North Holland Farm Foundation

Monumentale stolpboerderij 'Mijn Genoegen'

Monumental farmhouse 'Mijn genoegen'
Grosthuizen 52
1633 EM Avenhorn

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