Rijwielvereniging Utrecht met Omstreken

Monument Bicycle Association UMO - Woudenberg

N 52.096414 / E 5.299531

Near junction 83 is a mini-obelisk, erected to mark the 50th anniversary of the bicycle path association Utrecht met Omstreken (UMO). Bicycle path associations were common at the beginning of the last century. At that time, cycling was gaining huge popularity. The many emerging cyclists wanted their own paths, if only for safety reasons, so that they were no longer 'unpleasantly surprised by car traffic racing past'. And to enjoy nature, of course.

Thanks to these cycle path associations, the Netherlands was able to develop into the cycling country it is today. So if you pass this monument, take a moment to respectfully take off your hat....

Rijwielvereniging Utrecht met Omstreken

Monument Bicycle Association UMO
Oude Postweg
3931 Woudenberg

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