Monument Bastion Sint-Anthonie (Foto door Willy Sluyter)

Monument Bastion Sint-Anthonie - 's Hertogenbosch

N 51.687781 / E 5.316835

On 24 October 1944, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers committed a storm attack on the German occupiers. With this method of attack, they managed to cross the Zuid-Willemsvaart at lock Nul. A day later, a Bailey bridge was built next to the lock gate. This allowed the Allies to liberate Den Bosch.

The monument is located at the Bastion Sint-Anthonie, which was built in 1618 as part of the Bossche Fortress. This bastion is named after Anthonie Schets, the governor of the city when it was under Spanish rule. Bastion Sint-Anthonie is one of the three bastions that Anthonie Schets had built, and which are preserved to this day.

(Photo by Willy Sluyter)

Monument Bastion Sint-Anthonie (Foto door Willy Sluyter)

Monument Bastion Sint-Anthonie
5211 MB 's Hertogenbosch

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