Moergestels Broek
Moergestels Broek

Moergestels Broek - Moergestel

N 51.525361579685 / E 5.1905150052684

Attenuated grassland and a restored marsh, together with a higher water level, create a beautiful nature area rich in flowers, insects and meadow birds. Moergestels Broek is now the largest meadow bird area in North Brabant and is home to the lapwing, quail, curlew and black-tailed godwit.

At the end of the breeding season, mowing also has to be done here, which is done extremely carefully and using a drone with a thermal camera to protect the quails. The drone signals not only meadow birds but also roe deer, fawn and hares are spotted by the drone every year. Have they not escaped your notice either?

Moergestels Broek

Moergestels Broek
5066 Moergestel

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