Mission house and Mission museum Sint Michael

Mission house and Mission museum Sint Michael - Steyl

N 51.334533 / E 6.119259

This monastery is the mother house of the Missionaries of Steyl. In the past, it was here that missionaries were trained, who later went on a mission to spread the faith and to provide help abroad. More than ten thousand priests and brothers worldwide are still members of the Congregation. The double church upstairs and downstairs is well worth a visit.

In the past, for example, the Mission House used to use a printing house where Christian magazines were printed. Now it is a place to meet, among others, a monastery, monastery garden and double church. The gardens, the banks of the Meuse and the places of worship invite you to rest and contemplate. In the Mission Museum you can admire a large number of ethnographic objects, 1500 stuffed animals and an impressive, colourful collection of butterflies, beetles and other insects, exhibited in a 19th century set-up..

Mission house and Mission museum Sint Michael

Mission house and Mission museum Sint Michael
Sint Michaëlstraat 7
5935 BL Steyl

Contact details
T: 077-3261326
E: info@steyl.eu

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