Molen Zeldenrust
Mill Zeldenrust

Mill Zeldenrust - Oss

N 51.76563 / E 5.520156

This round rack corn mill is the oldest of the two remaining mills in Oss and used to bear the name 'De Zwaluw'. At one time the town even had five mills. This mill worked regularly with wind power until about 1950. In 1958 the miller installed an electric motor in the mill. The upper part of the mill fell into disrepair after that. In the sixties, the scaffolding and the fence of the sails disappeared.

In 1971, the municipality of Oss became the owner of the dilapidated mill. In 1974, a few inhabitants of Oss set up the De Osse Molen foundation to raise money for its restoration. In 1975 they undertook fundraising activities, which resulted in a nice amount of money. On 24 February 1978, the restoration of the mill was completed.

Molen Zeldenrust

Mill Zeldenrust
Kruisstraat 37
5341 HA Oss

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T: +31644716104

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