Zo zal de molen eruit hebben gezien
Mill the Origin

Mill the Origin - Moerkapelle

N 52.0488924 / E 4.5632282

This polder mill owes its name to its location where the river De Rotte rises. Originally, this mill had a scoop wheel and was the fifth mill of a seven-pass. Later, an auger and a pitch were added to the mill. It then became the upper mill of a two-aisle auger mill.

For years, this mill race pumped water from the Wilde Veenen into the Rotte river. When the mill became redundant in 1926, as a pumping station was installed, the upper house, sails and pumping system were removed. Since then, this mill has been a residential building.

Zo zal de molen eruit hebben gezien

Mill the Origin
Rottedijk 14
2751 DJ Moerkapelle

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