Molen 't Hert
Mill 't Hert

Mill 't Hert - Putten

N 52.257118 / E 5.604873

In the past, two windmills were active in the village centre of Putten, which were situated close to each other. Of these, only 't Hert (the deer) remained. The other mill was on the Engweg and was called De Vier Winden (The four winds). In February 1926, this mill burned down; it has not been rebuilt. It was different with windmill 't Hert. The present mill was built in 1899 to replace a predecessor that had burned down in 1898. The mill was restored in 1933 and 1965. Around 1990 it was thoroughly restored again.

The mill used to stand in the middle of wheat fields and 't Hert ensured that the grain was ground into flour after harvesting. Nowadays, the mill is less active and the sails only turn on Saturday afternoons.

Molen 't Hert

Mill 't Hert
Halvinkhuizerweg 3
3882 BE Putten

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T: +31655132320

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday Closed
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