Molen restant De Haas - ter illustratie
Mill remnant The Hare

Mill remnant The Hare - Oud-Sabbinge

N 51.5338143 / E 3.8043931

In 1852, no less than five consecutive requests were made to build a windmill in Oud-Sabbinge. When the mill came into the hands of Cornelis van Oeveren in 1909, it was only given the name 'De Haas' (The Hare).

It was known that when the mill was built, the track wheel was actually one size too small. As a result, the mill had to turn extra hard before it had the right grinding speed. It was therefore difficult for Van Oeveren to be able to produce much barley flour. Every week, he drove only three bags on his wagon to his customer, and that was noticeable, especially in such a small village. People were talking about it. He came up with a solution: he filled other bags filled with bran only. Only after some time it started to be noticed that not only did he leave with a filled wagon, but he also came back with a full one. In the village, thanks to him, the slogan came about that read: 'The miller is the best farmer in the village!'

In 1928, the track wheel was made bigger, but not long after that, a fire raged. The mill was dismantled. The weather vane survived the fire and was placed on the burnt-out hull.

Molen restant De Haas - ter illustratie

Mill remnant The Hare
Kortedijk 2
4471 PA Oud-Sabbinge

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