Molen Landzigt
Mill Landzigt

Mill Landzigt - Wissenkerke

N 51.5781565 / E 3.7424527

Built in 1869, this ground-sailer was used to grind corn. In 1962, mill Landzigt was converted into a residential mill with old Dutch sails. The grinding section then fell into disrepair. In the year 2000, it was made turn-able again, but it is no longer used for this purpose.

Today, the mill is rented out as holiday accommodation and gives you the opportunity to spend a unique night in the Zeeland countryside and close to the beach.

Molen Landzigt

Mill Landzigt
Boomdijk 1
4491 PP Wissenkerke

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Open 24 hours

The mill is rented out for overnight stays. Check the website for reservations.

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