Mill Kijkduin

Mill Kijkduin - Schoorl

N 52.706448 / E 4.697081

The popularly known mill is a round stone upper crucifix built-in 1772 as a corn mill. Even before 1575, there was a wind-grain mill on this spot, which was set on fire on 27 May of that year by retreating Spanish soldiers. Only after 20 years was a new mill built, probably a stand mill, which was demolished in 1771 and replaced by the present mill. During the Second World War, the mill was still grinding at wind power for some time, but after that, the mill went out of operation for good. In 1978 and 1980 the interior and the work in progress underwent a thorough refurbishment so that grain can be grinding again. The miller currently supplies flour to various bakers and customers of his mill shop.

Mill Kijkduin

Mill Kijkduin
Molenweg 13
1871 CD Schoorl

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T: +31725896706

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday Closed
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