Molen Herinckhave
Mill Herinckhave

Mill Herinckhave - Fleringen

N 52.384118 / E 6.791438

Herinckhave first appears in 1350 in the fief register of Otto van Bentheim; the house is then called House te Vlederingen. The double watermill is first mentioned in 1521 in the chronicles of Johannes van Lochem, prior in Albergen.

In 1642 both mill buildings burned down completely. After 4 years the corn mill is grinding again, but the oil mill only in 1667. At the time of the lease in 1735 the oil mill, the right mill building, is probably already no longer intact. Of this, only the foundations now remain. The people living near the mill have wanted a windmill since 1643, due to the uncertain water supply from the Fleringermolenbach. In 1865, the corn mill operation ceased and everything, except for the mill building and the lazy wheel in the cap, disappeared. This was probably due to the Frielink windmill located closer by. After restoration in 1977 the mill is ready to grind again and turns regularly.

Molen Herinckhave

Mill Herinckhave
Herinckhaveweg 2
7666 LK Fleringen

Contact details
T: 0049-5948-933893 (molenaar)

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

From April to October, the mill is open on every first Saturday of the month from 1 to 4 p.m. and by appointment.

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