Molen de Vogelenzang in Lieshout
Molen de Vogelenzang in Lieshout

Mill de Vogelenzang - Lieshout

N 51.525016 / E 5.588272

This so-called 'belt mill' on the Molendreef in Lieshout was built in 1819 and is used as a corn mill. From his many letters we know that during his stay in Nuenen (1883-1885) Vincent van Gogh often went out into the surrounding area. Often with his friend Antoon Kerssemakers from Eindhoven. Antoon Kerssemakers recalled in the 1912 edition of the Groene Amsterdammer:

"Thus we made several painting excursions in Nuenen, among other things to that little chapel of the old middle ages, which stood there in the middle of the field, and to that beautiful old windmill under Lieshout, where later on I saw with him such a sturdy study with those square sheep at the bottom of the mill".

Van Gogh was most likely referring to De Vogelenzang. He is also said to have made two drawings of it in 1885. These show the windmill with a wheat field and sheaves in the foreground.

Molen de Vogelenzang in Lieshout
Molen de Vogelenzang in Lieshout

Mill de Vogelenzang
Molendreef 8
5737 EP Lieshout

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