Mill De Veer

Mill De Veer - Haarlem / Penningsveer

N 52.390566 / E 4.67327

The mill of the Veerpolder is an octagonal cog, built in or shortly after 1701. It was originally used to drain the 144 ha Veerpolder, which is now only about 90 ha large on Rhineland soil. Around 1960, a large transmission tower with high-rise buildings was built at some distance and the nearby industrial estate in the Waarderpolder was greatly expanded. Nevertheless, the landscape significance of the windmill is still considerable. In 1998, the original mill was completely destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 2001/2002.

Mill De Veer

Mill De Veer
Penningsveer 35
2031 AP Haarlem / Penningsveer

Contact details
T: 023-551 8182

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

Between 1 April and 1 October on Sundays and public holidays 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

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