Molen De Schoolmeester
Mill De Schoolmeester (The School Teacher)

Mill De Schoolmeester (The School Teacher) - Westzaan

N 52.467886 / E 4.786573

Mill De Schoolmeester (The School Teacher) was built in 1692 as a paper mill. It stands on the Guispad, the road link between Zaandijk and Westzaan. It probably owes its name to the fact that one of its founders was a school teacher.

The mill was used to grind textile waste, old rope and fishing loin into fibres that were the basis for paper. Blue and grey paper was produced, which was mostly used as packaging material, later also fine white paper was produced for writing purposes. In the 17th century, there were around 40 paper mills in the Zaanstreek, and the best paper came from there. Nowadays, De Schoolmeester is the only and last windmill in the world!

To this day, De Schoolmeester still makes the 'Zaansch Bord', sturdy paper in all sizes and colours. It is used by bookbinders and artists, and cards are made with it.

Molen De Schoolmeester

Mill De Schoolmeester (The School Teacher)
Guispad 3
1551 SX Westzaan

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T: +3175-6214465

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