Mill de Hoop Wolphaartsdijk

Mill de Hoop Wolphaartsdijk - Wolphaartsdijk

N 51.5299605 / E 3.816675

This round stone mill dates from 1808 and is no less than 22 metres high. Although it was originally a ground-sailer, the mill was raised by half a metre after a conflict over wind rights. Thus, it had become a scaffold mill.

The mill survived a fire in 1993, but unfortunately the upper cap could not be spared. A new upper cap was installed and at the same time the body was raised by another 70 centimetres. You can clearly see the different building layers in the appearance of the mill.

Photo: Wim Giebels - via

Mill de Hoop Wolphaartsdijk

Mill de Hoop Wolphaartsdijk
Molendijk 26
4471 BN Wolphaartsdijk

Contact details
T: 0113-581226

Open only on National Mills Day and Open Monuments Day.

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