Molen De Hommel
Mill De Hommel (Bumble bee)

Mill De Hommel (Bumble bee) - Haarlem Zuid-Schalkwijk

N 52.341911 / E 4.652261

De Hommel (the Bumble Bee), officially De Kleine Molen (The Small Mill), stands on the west side of the Haarlemmer Ringvaart at the Hommeldijk, just north of the pumping station De Cruquius of the Haarlemmermeerpolder. The Kleine Molen is an eight-sided smock mill of the grondzeiler type, built in 1879, with an Old Dutch windmill. It used to drain the Kleine Polder under Haarlemmerliede.

The Kleine Molen was put out of action in 1944, when both the Grote and the Kleine Polder had to be flooded by order of the German occupiers. After the liberation, the Kleine Molen was still able to help reclaim the flooded polders. Afterwards, the wooden mortar was rejected, the mill stopped working and fell into disrepair. On 31 March 1967, the mill was struck by lightning and burned down completely. It remained standing, completely charred, until millwright Fray restored it in 1972. In the same year, the Zaanse miller C. Krijt sr. coined the name 'De Hommel' for the mill with its short, thick hull.

Molen De Hommel

Mill De Hommel (Bumble bee)
Hommeldijk 20
2036 ER Haarlem Zuid-Schalkwijk

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T: +31651816213

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