Mill de Boezemvriend
Mill de Boezemvriend

Mill de Boezemvriend - De Groeve

N 53.106736 / E 6.704771

Poldermill De Boezemvriend, even though it did not bear this name at the time, was built in 1871 to replace a predecessor and drained the polder Zuidlaren. The mill remained in use until 1934. In that year an electric motor was installed in the mill, which took over his task. Over the years, the mill became more and more dilapidated. In 1960 the mill was in a sad state and in 1962 the restoration started. The internal work in progress had already disappeared by then. In 1989 the mill was restored, including a new work in progress. On 5 April 1990, the mill was officially put back into operation. The mill now serves as an auxiliary pumping station for the Oostermoerse Vaart Water Board. It has been called De Boezemvriend since 1991.

Mill de Boezemvriend

Mill de Boezemvriend
Hunzeweg 4
9473 TE De Groeve

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T: 0598-395131 of 0592-370947

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