Molen Aeolus
Mill Aeolus

Mill Aeolus - Vlaardingen

N 51.915535 / E 4.345468

The windmill is named after Aeolus, the god of wind. There is said to have been a mill here as early as 1407. It was bought by the city council in 1585, which retained ownership of the present mill until 1668. In 1668, Gerrit Cente Palestijn built a stone mill, which was in turn replaced by the present mill in 1790. In 1797 the mill burned down. Shortly afterwards, it was restored by Jan van der Mey. In 1915 the mill was decapitated, but, after being bought by the municipality in 1954, it was restored around 1956 with the mechanism from the flourmill Windlust in Wateringen. The upper shaft came from the Noordmolen of the polder Berkel, which was demolished in 1953.

From 1977, the mill was operated by tenant Niek Boekestijn and his son Niek junior. They acquired ownership of the windmill in 1992 and ran a flourishing business in it, selling traditional flour products. The sudden death of Niek junior brought an abrupt end to this in 2000. In 2002, the municipality bought back the mill and had it restored in 2004. On 12 September 2009, the municipality of Vlaardingen transferred ownership of the windmill to the Stichting Exploitatie Molen Aeolus. There is a shop at the bottom of the mill.

Molen Aeolus

Mill Aeolus
Kortedijk 14
3134 HB Vlaardingen

Contact details
T: 010-4346131

Open every last Saturday of the month from 11.00-16.00.

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