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Metropole - Venlo

N 51.3728484 / E 6.1747529

At the junction of the Straelseweg and the Noord-Binnensingel, you will find the monumental Metropole. It is a building complex in art-nouveau style dating from 1901. Café Metropole was located here from 1912 onwards, which is why the building was given this name. The buildings are all decorated in their own way. The longer you look at it, the more you see.

The building is of cultural-historical importance; it stands for the socio-economic development of Venlo, namely the foundation of housing and shops in the city. But in architecture too, this is a special building. It is a textbook example of the Art Nouveau style.

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Straelseweg 1-9
5911 CL Venlo

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