Metbroek forest

Metbroek forest - Onstwedde

N 53.0250496 / E 7.0781422

Like the Liefstinghsbroek, the Metbroek forest in Groningen is a remnant of the primeval forests of Westerwolde. It is a humid forest where unusual trees and plants grow. Many trees are thus hundreds of years old. Few areas in the Netherlands are as varied as this forest in the valley of the Ruiten Aa.

For centuries, people used the trees for all sorts of things. But since the November storm of 1972, Natuurmonumenten has been letting nature take its course here again. When a tree dies, it stays put and woodpeckers and cave pigeons can nest in it. This dead wood is also an important part of the forest, as it attracts all kinds of insects, which in turn attract other plant and animal species. Nature is getting richer thanks to this policy.


Metbroek forest
9591 TX Onstwedde

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