Monument Wellington HZ520
Memorial Wellington HZ520

Memorial Wellington HZ520 - Bergeijk

N 51.309081796349 / E 5.3879688796703

Werner Baake was a very feared German night fighter. He was stationed in Bergeijk. On the night of 22 June 1943, a bomber crashed on this spot at 01.20 a.m., brought down by the notorious Baake. The aircraft was a Wellington HZ520 of the 429th Squadron that was on its way to bomb the German city of Krefeld. Baake reportedly also took out a Halifax on the same night. In total, he shot down 41 aircraft during World War II, for which Baake received the 'Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes' on 27 July 1944.

The granite stone monument you can see here commemorates the crew members who died or were taken as prisoners of war. On 11 September 1944, the statue was unveiled by Officer Lapham, the RAF's first officer. He was one of the crew members who survived the crash of the Wellington HZ520.

Ten metres behind the monument, you can see another World War II bomb crater.

Monument Wellington HZ520

Memorial Wellington HZ520
5571 Bergeijk

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