Martinuskerk - Schellinkhout

N 52.6344588 / E 5.1218056

The oldest parts of the Martinuskerk in Schellinkhout date back to the fourteenth century. The church was built further in the centuries that followed, but there are still differing opinions about the exact construction years. There is no doubt about the tower clock. It was made in 1526 by the most famous clockmaker in Europe: Gerard van Wou.

During the Eighty Years' War, in October 1573 to be precise, the Martinuskerk silently witnessed the naval battle on the Hoornse Hop. The Dutch Protestants rebelled here against the Spanish Catholic king. Thanks to a strong strategy and with the help of a favorable wind direction, the Dutch won this battle.


Dorpsweg 116
1697 KG Schellinkhout

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